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Recommended Healthcare Practitioners

Julia Walls, LAc, is an award-winning acupuncturist and owner of Pathfinder Wellness Clinic in inner southeast Portland, Oregon. Specializing in pain relief, chronic disease, and women’s health, she offers the highest quality Chinese medicine services and currently accepts most forms of insurance.

Dr. Alex de la Paz, DPT, is an award-winning physical therapist and owner of Root & Branch Physical Therapy, as well as Root & Branch Fitness, located in inner Southeast Portland, Oregon. Taking a root cause approach to physical therapy, Dr. Alex accepts most forms of insurance and is currently accepting new patients..

Liat Nadler, MScN is a clinical nutritionist based in the Greater Portland, Oregon, region at Just Eat Well. Liat has a Master’s in the Science of Nutrition and provides nutrition education, nutrition counseling, personalized meal plans and coaching toward healthier lifestyle. Liat’s years of experience and the variety of healthy recipes she has developed and mastered make it easier for anyone who is looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Haylee Nye, ND is a naturopathic physician and nutritionist, specializing in women’s health and fertility. Through a detailed medical history, comprehensive testing, and individualized treatment plans, you can expect to walk away feeling well cared for and confident in your medical care. She is seeing new patients at Synergy Women’s Health Care and is a valuable resource her patients can trust.

Frankie Leigh is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Coach for those seeking a woman-centered approach to healthcare. She uses data and mindfulness techniques to motivate change. Over the years, she has worked as a Clinical Nutritionist for a Functional Medicine clinic, led wellness retreats and community workshops, co-created and coached online programs and worked with hundreds of individual clients to craft their new realities. Her client relationships are filled with loving connection and precise planning.