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New Patient Process


Apply to be a patient

Please take a moment to fill out our online ‘Apply to Be a New Patient’ form here, which only takes a minute or two to fill out.


Insurance coverage & benefits

New Patient Appointments are $299 without insurance coverage. Follow-Up Appointments range from $99 to $199. We will be doing a benefits check once you submit photos of the front & back of your insurance cards through the application or email. We will get back to you within 2-4 days about what your insurance benefits might be. Please be advised that there is no guarantee with insurance coverage. We do not take Kaiser and some Medicare plans. Click here to review the insurance we accept.


Fill out the Informed Consent and Pre-Appointment Questionnaire forms

Please look out for the Informed Consent and Pre-Appointment Questionnaire forms sent from our client online portal Charm you will need to fill out before the appointment. Please have these completed before you arrive or before your Telemedicine appointment!

Some Notes About The Clinic & Staff


– The clinic is not an Urgent Care facility.
– Dr. Ben does not offer free consultations.
– Dr. Ben & staff are not available for 24/7 communication.