The Importance of Quality Supplements in Detoxification with Brian Blackburn

by | Jul 3, 2024

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In this episode of the Modern Vital Podcast, Dr. Ben interviews Brian Blackburn, CEO and founder of XYMOGEN. They discuss the critical role of quality assurance, rigorous testing, and environmental control in producing high-quality supplements, particularly for detoxification. Brian shares his journey in founding the company, emphasizing the importance of listening to practitioners and patients. He highlights the company’s commitment to using top-tier ingredients and advanced quality control measures. The episode underscores the significance of relationships and customer feedback in developing effective supplements and encourages listeners to prioritize their health and wellness.

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Complete Transcript of Episode 15355570

The Importance of Quality Supplements in Detoxification with Brian Blackburn

Brian Blackburn: We listened to them and they listened to their patients. And so we are able to develop a line of formulas based upon feedback from the community through our representatives, as well as through conferences we assigned and experiences. And I did workshops well over a couple hundred workshops myself all over the country.

[Show Intro] Welcome to the Modern Vital podcast, where we delve into the dynamic interplay between environmental factors and human health. I’m your host, Dr. Ben Reebs, founder of Portland Clinic of Natural Health, guiding you through a journey that merges ancient wisdom with the latest in scientific understanding. Each week, I’ll discuss topics of interest in health, offering insights to optimize your well-being and prevent chronic disease through naturopathic and functional medicine approaches.

Dr. Ben Reebs: On today’s episode of the Modern Vital Podcast, we’re going to talk a little bit about the importance of quality supplements when it comes to detoxification. And today’s very special guest is the CEO and founder of XYMOGEN and WholeScripts, Brian Blackburn. XYMOGEN is a world leader in high-quality supplements, prioritizing quality assurance, rigorous testing, and environmental control to ensure its products meet industry standards. Brian, welcome to the show.

Brian Blackburn: Hey. Thanks, Dr. Ben, it’s my pleasure to be here.

Dr. Ben Reebs: It’s so great to have you. So I’d love to hear a little bit about your journey in founding your supplement company.

Brian Blackburn: I graduated with a degree in biochemistry from a Jesuit school of John Carroll University in Ohio. I went to Loyola University in Chicago, where I’m originally from, to the placement center, looking for a position in science in particular. Not necessarily nutrition; I was more interested in the pharmaceuticals but I ended up at a job at a company called Neutrogena, which was based in Chicago, and was the forerunner of metagenomics. I still was not really committed to natural or integrative medicine at the time, but I had the opportunity to attend a bland seminar like, say, this is back in a long time ago, back in 1978 when he first started speaking, and as a recent biochemistry graduate, I was able to follow along entirely with his presentation, which was pretty technical and it was amazing. It was like a 180. For me, I went from pharma to integrative medicine. This was in 1978. He had no England Journal of Medicine, Jama. These types of journals I could relate to, validating things. To this day I’m talking omega threes, which, by the way, the omega three weren’t the concentrated versions. They’re Norwegian cod liver all the time. They didn’t even have the high-dose potency omega threes you see today.

But nonetheless, the science and the literature are there on minerals, zinc, on vitamin C, it goes on and on and on. But I’m talking to peer-reviewed journals, which I thought was kind of quackery. But in one meeting I was so convinced of the efficacy of this integrative medicine, which at the time was called alternative medicine. We all know it’s not an alternative. And so integrative medicine that I went back to the owner of the company and said, I need to get out in the field. I need to share my enthusiasm. And so I was able to secure a position in the Washington, D.C. area. And with my passion for this, this field, I was able to grow at the time. I can only use dollar amounts right now from about $100,000 to about $6,000,000 and I guess about five years just through passion. And I owe a lot of that, as I say to Doctor Jeffrey Glenn.

Dr. Ben Reebs: Oh that’s incredible. Well, I mean, I know that you’re held to the highest standards. I mean, you make pharmaceuticals at your company and whatever it says is in there is pretty much in there, you know, moving over to detoxification, which I know you had mentioned to me. We were chatting a little bit before you said, hey, this is one of the specialties that we launched as XYMOGEN with a focus on was kind of detox, which I know, of course, is pure quackery. Right. But, yeah, I’d love to hear from you a little bit about the importance of the quality of supplements. You know, for detox.

Brian Blackburn: With the founding of XYMOGEN, was principally, done for two principal reasons. One was exclusivity. Throughout my whole career, I developed such strong relationships with our practitioner customers and the practitioner channels of supplements, which included metagenomic standard process and other, you know, practitioner channel companies. We were committed to practitioner exclusivity in the late 90s that was dissolving. I felt such a commitment to the practitioners who made me successful, that I decided to create a line that was 100% exclusive.

So that was number one. Number two was part of the challenge I had at the time as a distributor they weren’t listening, and I had many of my customers up and down the East Coast who were making recommendations. These are some of the most respected practitioners in this integrative community. And I would go back to the company and they really didn’t listen. And so we decided as a founding one to create an exclusive line, of dedicated practitioners. And number two, to create a board of advisors who would listen to what we heard from our practitioners. So our initial medical director was Doctor Bob Rountree, and we had a board advisor of 12 with two-year terms. And so we listened to them and they listened to their patients. And so we are able to develop a line of formulas based upon feedback from the community through our representatives, as well as through conferences. We had times and experiences, and I did workshops well over a couple hundred workshops myself all over the country and everywhere northwest, everywhere California, New York, Florida, everywhere.

And so I would listen. We had surveys with our medical director, our board of advisors, and our professional representatives, which, by the way, our representatives even back then, had a tenure of 12 years. I mean, think about 12 years of calling on practitioners like yourself. So relationships, we had all about relationships like, say, the launching of Zionism was based upon relationships, listening to my customers and not necessarily getting what we wanted. That’s what we launched Amazon with in 2000 and 2003 and with doctors like, say, conferences in 2004 with Doctor Rowntree. And that’s what we are to this day. We’re still based upon relationships, listening to our customers and, you know, based upon quality. One big difference, which you mentioned, Doctor Ben, is from quality early on we chose very, very high-quality manufacturers. But even then we saw an opportunity to take it to a whole new level. So as you mentioned, I don’t like to exaggerate, but this is based upon over 300 tours of our facility.

I’m talking from, professionals in this industry, the most advanced quality manufacturing facility in the industry. Ask anybody. You yourself are welcome. Any of your listeners are welcome to tour a facility at any time. It’s not like we set it up for tours. You can tour any day, any, you know, any day we’re open up the year and you can also go online if any of your listeners or viewers just go, go type enzymes and you’ll see a video of our manufacturing facility. We have NSF is the number one licensor and auditor in our industry. We got an A+ from them. it’s very, very, very rare. And from the FDA where they spend two weeks here, they typically come up with about 40 to 50 observations, a few warning letters. We didn’t get a single observation after two weeks. There wasn’t one thing that they could recommend that we could do better. That comes down to testing, humidity control, air quality control, and the latest equipment in terms of maintaining quality and purity.

And I like to say you don’t have to listen to me. You’re all welcome to come and visit. And by the way, we’re not too far from Disney World, so you can make it a really fun trip.

Dr. Ben Reebs: Well, thank you so much for that. That’s really inspiring. I think I’m asking you about, you know, detox and quality, and then you bring it back to listening, which you really do. I feel like you’re really telling me it works. In order for them to work, we have to be listening not only to the practitioners but to the patients. And of course, that’s what I see in my practice. If I stop listening, it doesn’t matter how sophisticated my supplement is or my therapy, or how much I know it’s not going to work, and what you’re sharing with me is so profound. And I know it sounds simple, but it’s it’s not right?

Brian Blackburn: Well, it’s simple for me because that’s I guess that’s my DNA. from day one in this field, I literally, mentioned 1970. I still have customers going back that long, and it’s just a passion. I’m about it. Like I say, in relationships, it’s about caring. It’s about listening. The root of our success is really relationships with our practitioners, with our team here, our headquarters team, like you say, our sales reps, our representatives out there right now, we have about 100. Right now it’s about 14 years average tenure. Think about how I’ve been out. Some of these came from other companies. So they haven’t necessarily been with Simonton for 14 years. Many of them have. But they’ve been in the field that long. And so when you’ve been calling on as for you, Doctor Benner, and your listeners, you have representatives, you have a relationship. Well, we’ve almost never lost, I mean, almost every one of our representatives either started with or came from a competitor. We almost never lose a representative, because they’re so committed to being part of our team. When you have great relationships you listen to those people and you have a medical board of advisors, good things happen. And based upon the success in all those arenas, we are very blessed to be able to build right now. What is a 300,000-square-foot campus, by far the most advanced in the industry? And that’s critically important for assuring the quality of the ingredients, the testing. We have a full on-site laboratory. We actually designed and built this facility to make up probiotics and Sami because they are most subject to humidity and, temperature and air quality controls. So we have, by far the most advanced air quality, humidity, temperature control, and clean rooms in the industry. Our two dehumidifiers are. It’s hard for me to explain. I’m looking around my office. They’re not. They can see it, but they’re the size of a garage, a big garage. Nobody else has anything close. I just promise you, that if we spend so much, we continue to invest to this day in the highest quality clean room technology to produce the highest quality supplements. And above and beyond that, as I share with many practitioners, just look at the label seriously.

Even beyond what’s in it, the label we take no shortcuts. That means with our highest quality botanicals. Be it from domestic or international sources. We put all of those in every product, not just some. That means, our multivitamin has the highest quality Albian minerals, for example, gnosis, and quantity folate. There are cheaper versions that most companies that most all the companies I’m aware of put in certain supplements, but not all of them. We put all of them in every gradient. Another thing is, we, I found through my years is sometimes, manufacturers will allow for what they call out of spec, which means if you have a certain botanical that requires a certain specification, they will allow a pass on it. We don’t, I just remember my years in the industry. I’d say the majority of manufacturers, not all, but quite a few will allow for out-of-spec ingredients. So the practitioners listening and what other consumers might be listening can be rest assured that they’re getting not only the highest quality ingredients but manufactured and the absolute, highest quality cleanroom technology in the marketplace.

Dr. Ben Reebs: Well, it’s also incredible how many well-known brands you manufacture as well. Oh my goodness. Nordic Naturals and Ayush and the list goes on and on. Yeah, yeah. And to your point, do I feel like your supplements are made for me and for my patients as well like that listening really is working. Well, Brian, you know, thank you so much for taking time today. Where can people find you online?

Brian Blackburn: So I’m at I’d love to hear from them. I always respond. Thank you, Doctor Ben, thank you so much for this time.

Dr. Ben Reebs: Thank you so much. That concludes today’s episode of the Modern Vital Podcast. We’d love to hear from you. We really value your feedback and if you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to me at Also, please leave us a review if you enjoyed this episode, and we look forward to having you join us next week for another exciting episode of the Modern Vital podcast.

[Show Outro] And that’s a wrap for today’s episode of The Modern Vital Podcast. Your support fuels our mission to empower you on your quest for optimal health. Remember, our Modern Vital Store offers supplements to guide you on your path to wellness. And don’t forget to subscribe, leave a review, and share our podcast. Until next time, stay proactive on your health and wellness journey.


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