Dr. Ben’s Philosophy


Your body contains incredible healing power

Whatever your symptoms are, they represent an imbalance that needs to be restored so that you can thrive. Your wellness is as powerful and complex as you are, and I support it by considering your entire being: biochemical, physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual.


An opportunity to thrive

Symptoms are trying to tell us something. Before we try to make them go away, we should ask them why they’re here.

The common plug-and-play of symptom → treatment is little more than a spreadsheet exercise in whack-a-mole. I like to use the metaphor of a glaring yellow “check engine” light suddenly appearing while you are driving. Let’s say this represents a migraine. Conventional medicine snips the wire, so to speak, by pharmaceutical mechanism of action, to this metaphorical engine light, so that you no longer, potentially, feel the headache, but you have not looked under the hood. I am the mechanic who looks under your hood and tries to figure out just what is causing your “check engine” light to turn on. Much of the time, your engine light is actually a natural, compensatory action in the body which is attempting to restore normal health in the body. Rather than working against your body, I work with it.

I look at every system and realm of the whole patient to re-establish patterns of health that inform your unique care strategy. If you simply turn a symptom off without dealing with the root cause, you risk driving it deeper into the body. A case in point is how the suppression of childhood asthma can lead to chronic eczema later on in youth. Instead, I work with what’s causing the symptom, giving your body what it needs, helping to remove the obstacles to cure, and supporting its innate healing capacity (known as the vis medicatrix naturae or healing power of nature) so that your body (and your whole person) can resolve the imbalance that caused the symptom in the first place.

In other words, I am a colleague of the vital force that’s operating in your body. I help to support it, stimulate it, enhance it, when necessary. And because every case is different, a fact which can be attributed to The Doctrine of Individuality, I start with a thorough, comprehensive intake and physical exam.


Your treatment is YOUR treatment

I believe that sound, responsible naturopathic medicine treatments are specific, thoughtful, and relevant. My treatments and prescriptions consider the thousands of things your body is already doing just right—the last thing I want is to create more problems by throwing off your body’s balance, by getting in the way of its natural functioning, or by interfering with your body’s natural genius. No matter what you come in for, your treatment begins with the practice of listening and sound clinical reasoning.


Healthy, thriving wholeness is within reach for everyone

Our bodies are a bundle of complex, interconnected systems. My aim is to collaborate with you so that normal structure and function, as well as vitality, if possible, are restored in your life, and there are forces operating within us that, when supported or even enhanced, can help us achieve this. In fact, these very forces are ever-working to help us regain our health. Taking great care of ourselves is a powerful, radical act. Helping every single patient unlock their natural potential to thrive is my mission as a naturopathic doctor and as a human being on planet Earth.

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