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How we can Help with a Nutritional Assessment

Have you ever thought about seeing a holistic nutritionist in Portland but just didn’t know where to start? Do you often find yourself frustrated with the eating habits you have fallen into, and slightly confused about the “latest and greatest” nutrition practices?

Perhaps you have taken dozens of supplements, counted your calories, monitored your carbohydrate intake and experimented with every diet in the book and still don’t feel your best. Well, look no further because we offer full service nutritional counseling and can get your health back on track, helping you clear up some of the questions you may have been wondering for years.

Whether you are looking to determine if you have any underlying food intolerances or if you would like to have an overall nutritional assessment, we can help meet your nutrition needs. Our custom nutrition therapy is highly individualized because everyone has such different nutritional requirements. For example, some may need to go on a keto protocol, or eat within more anti-inflammatory guidelines but we certainly don’t believe one size fits all!

Overall Nutrition Philosophy

In our perspective, the body should be an efficient, well-oiled machine- digesting foods should be easy, as should your relationship with food. If it’s not, you may have an underlying issue that can be diagnosed by a doctor or you may need nutritional counseling. There is so much conflicting information out there about nutrition it’s no wonder you might be having problems. Have you ever heard of the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, we think you are what you absorb- if you aren’t digesting a food properly then chances are you aren’t absorbing the vitamins and minerals you need, too. Getting your system back on track is what we specialize in, zeroing in on the root cause of the imbalance.

We do know that eating a real, whole foods-based diet is a great place to start but, in our society, we are also facing the “diet culture” mentality and eating well can be just as important as the thoughts you have in relation to food.

There are so many photos in the media that we see, men and women alike- and bodies that we think we need to emulate. However, we believe in Health at Every Size™ and with this perspective in mind, can meet you where you are in your personal journey to health.

Holistic Nutrition Services

When you make an appointment for nutrition therapy, we may find that you need a week of custom- tailored recipes that work for your specific condition, or you may want some food-relationship counseling to help pull you out of the mentality you may have been in for years. Perhaps your mom told you not to eat snacks and now you’re finding that you completely forgot how to listen to your hunger cues all together.

The practice of intuitive eating is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself for creating peace with food for the rest of your life in years to come. Nutrition and naturopathic care go hand in hand when creating plans for our patients at the Portland Clinic of Natural Health- where our nutrition philosophy is not about creating restrictions, but about incorporating more foods in a way that works with your lifestyle.

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