About Me

Meet Megan Gilmore

MS – Nutritionist

Megan grew up in Eugene, Oregon, where, early on, her parents taught her the importance of food as medicine. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in cultural anthropology (cooking her meals at home along the way) and subsequently followed her life-long passion for nutrition at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), where she graduated with a master’s degree in clinical nutrition.

Having applied her skills in a multitude of clinical settings and with an extensive nutrition internship background, Megan is well versed in the variety of nutritional challenges that can occur in any health journey. She takes a holistic approach to each individual in order to determine their nutritional and lifestyle needs, employing
the philosophy and mindset of modern naturopathic medicine.

Her goal as a nutritionist is to help those who have also hit roadblocks with conventional healthcare to find their path back to optimal health. No matter what shape someone’s health may be in, she can help optimize and restore balance to the body.

In Megan’s spare time, she enjoys sweating it out at hot yoga, hosting dinner parties, and visiting wineries on weekends!

    My Story

    In late 2012, during a particularly stressful time in life, Megan contracted MRSA from a local gym and had to stay the night in the hospital, where they gave her IV steroids and a course of strong antibiotics. That summer, while in Mexico, she also came down with an intense bout of gastroenteritis.

    Over the next year she found her energy gradually became extremely low, accompanied by persistent bloating and the onset of severe anxiety. Like many, Megan was unable to cope with her stressful (then sales) job, and was living an unbalanced lifestyle to add to the insults.

    She intuitively felt her gut health in rapid decline, and after seeing multiple doctors she was diagnosed with a plethora of conditions: Hashimoto’s, IBS, SIBO, anxiety, depression, and Epstein Barr virus.

    After hitting walls with multiple health practitioners, she decided to pursue her own journey to wellness through her passion in nutrition. Fast forward to completing a master’s degree in nutrition from the oldest naturopathic school in the United States (NUNM in Portland, Oregon).

    After years of testing health and wellness protocols on herself, she decided her goal as a nutritionist is to be a guiding light in a sea of ever-conflicting health information and health practitioners who could be missing the boat!