Healthy, thriving wholeness is within reach for everyone.

Your treatment plan begins with your story, and with your body’s natural ability to thrive.


My goal is to unlock and unblock your body’s incredibly powerful innate healing power. In order to do that, the first step is simple: I listen to you. Your story contains the clues we need in order to support your body’s vitality—not only to resolve symptoms, but to treat the root cause(s) of whatever is going on with you in order to support a more resilient, vital you.

You see, according to naturopathic philosophy, your vital force is ever working to restore normal structure and function in your body, mind, and spirit, and sometimes it just needs a little push. I believe in practical, personalized, and elegant medicine: gentle treatments with profound effects.


As a patient, you should expect a comprehensive 55/60min first visit that obtains a detailed account, to the best of our ability given the time frame, of every facet of your health. I take more time to ensure that the treatment plan we develop together is specific to your unique being—your body, your treatment preferences, your health goals, and so on. My baseline knowledge of each patient is thorough, but I choose to only order necessary tests or labs, make essential prescriptions, and prescribe indicated supplements. Together, we collaborate. My treatments respect your body’s natural balance, and focus on addressing the root cause in order to resolve your symptoms, increase overall your vitality, and make you feel empowered and in control.


I accept most forms of insurance, with the exception of Medicare and Kaiser. However, I do accept referrals from Kaiser if your doctor will refer you. I can run a courtesy insurance benefits check for you, by clicking the “Work With Me” button on the right.

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