How to Apply The Seventh Law of Healing, The Law of Intention

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The mind has an inherent and innate ability to manifest that to which it persistently attends. When we realize that we can facilitate this inborn capacity, we can elevate health and well-being.


“You don’t become what you want, you become what you believe.” —Oprah (1)

“Our intention creates our reality.” —Wayne Dyer (2)

The seventh law of healing is the Law of Intention. The word intention comes from the Latin word for “stretching” or “purpose,” basically meaning “to turn one’s attention toward a purpose.” When we focus our attention on that which we intend to manifest in our lives, we can take advantage of the Law of Intention. Intention can be used in a practical way to enhance the likelihood of a positive health outcome for our loved ones as well as ourselves.

When beginning to work with new clients, I sometimes have to step back and ask myself, “What is my intention in our collaboration as healthcare practitioner and patient?” Is my intention to sign my patient up to a program that will manage their health condition for the rest of eternity, or is my intention to help them resolve their chronic disease so that they no longer have that complaint? In and of itself, neither the former nor the latter intention is wrong. However, when we know why we do what we do, then monitoring the trajectory of health becomes that much easier.

We can know when we are moving toward health, and when we are moving away from health. In other words, if our intention is to resolve a chronic disease, then we can use the Law of Cure, articulated earlier in this book, to help guide us in knowing whether we are succeeding. We can use the laws of nature to guide us in our own healing journeys. We can set the intention that self-healing is a distinct possibility, maybe even an expectation or imminent reality.

Through the Law of Intention, we can set the stage for a self-organizing cascade of events in the human organism that propel us toward greater vitality. We can establish a relationship, not only with ourselves but also with our communities, where intention actually becomes a modality that guides eve

ry step of treatment. Whether consciously or unconsciously, our intention determines our reality. Our intention influences the expression of our genes epigenetically, as well as the genes of those with whom we interact. (3) What we believe about ourselves and our loved ones literally impacts the expression of our DNA. The intention of this book has been to distill the laws of healing into simple language to help explain, in pragmatic terms, how to resolve chronic disease and live a long and healthy life.

Motivational teacher Jim Rohn once said that we are the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time. (4) This also pertains to health, as well as financial success and life fulfillment. We have a great influence. on those around us, particularly those with whom we spend the most time: our family, friends, colleagues, and clients. This ties directly into the intention we bring to our relationships. If you want to know the future of your health, look to the intention of the five closest people in your life for clues.

The mystic Gurdjieff once said, to paraphrase, “Show me someone who can make a good cup of coffee, and I can teach them something.” (5) He was speaking about the intention that people bring to mastering a craft. He was stating that this level of attentiveness and presence. was a necessary prerequisite capacity for developing higher awareness.

In other words, our intention can have an effect on everything. that we do, down to making a good cup of coffee. Masaru Emoto showed that our intention and thought can directly influence the molecular shape of water. (6) Our bodies alone, just like the covering of the earth’s surface, are comprised of over 70 percent water. (7) By extension, then, our intention toward greater health and wellness can begin with our own health as well as the health of our loved ones, and it can be directed toward the earth as well. We can heal ourselves, we can heal chronic disease, and our healing journey begins with the intention to do so.

How Can We Apply the Law of Intention to Benefit Our Health?

When we face certain situations throughout our day, we can ask ourselves what our underlying intentions are. This can include sitting down to eat lunch during a busy weekday: Does the food we are about to put into our mouths align with our intention? We can begin to tune in to the intentions of others, as we can all, at least viscerally, feel the intention of other human beings with whom we are interacting. Is their intention good or bad,  favorable or unfavorable for us

The Law of Intention begins with you. What are your own intentions toward yourself with regard to your health and well-being?

Applying the Law of Intention:

Explore the Law of Intention by engaging in the following activities:

1. Sit down and complete a writing exercise regarding. your health and well-being:

              a. My life purpose is ___________.


              b. Today I intend to ___________.

              c. This month I intend to ___________.

              d. This year I intend to ___________.

              e. Over the next five years I intend to ______.

              f. Over the next ten years I intend to _______.

              g. Over the next twenty years I intend to ____.

2. Write out the above seven intentions and hang them in your house somewhere where you can see them each day. Each day recite them out loud one to two times.

3. Write three paragraphs about how you see yourself. meeting your own goals with regard to your. health and wellness, and how you will feel in your own body when you achieve these goals. How does your body feel and look in this vision? Be descriptive, using all of your five senses, experiencing it as though it were now. Then, each day, take a minute to read out loud this piece of writing, and see and feel it in your mind’s eye. Be as specific as you possibly can be. Using the Law of Intention, if you can see how you want your body to be in your mind’s eye and experience greater health and wellness with all five of your senses, your subconscious mind will begin moving toward helping you to achieve this goal.

4. Find an accountability partner, group, life coach, health coach, or naturopathic doctor who shares the same intentions for greater health and wellbeing as you do. Commit to spending regular time with them, as they will remind you of the intentions that you have set. They will help to hold you accountable to your life purpose and your life intentions, with regard to your health and wellness, whatever they may be.

5. Please fill in the blank: I’m grateful for my health because __________.



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