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Your body is unique, powerful, and intelligent.

Your treatment should be, too.

What to expect

Your body contains incredible healing power.

Your wellness is as powerful and complex as you are, and Dr. Reebs supports it by considering your entire being: biochemical, physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual.

An opportunity to thrive.

Dr. Reebs looks at every system and realm of the whole patient to re-establish patterns of health that inform your unique care strategy. If you simply turn a symptom off without dealing with the root cause, you risk driving it deeper into the body.

Your treatment is YOUR treatment.

Dr. Reebs provides specific, thoughtful, and relevant naturopathic medicine treatments.

Healthy, thriving wholeness is within reach.

Dr. Reebs helps patients unlock their natural potential to thrive.

The book that will elevate your health and well-being and serve as a starting point for understanding how to prevent as well as reverse chronic disease.

Praise for the book

“This is a must-read for all interested in taking charge of their health and should be required reading for all healthcare professionals.”

—Dr. Samm Pryce, ND, #1 bestselling author

“Dr. Ben Reebs has written a must-read primer for anyone considering integrative medicine….Read this book and learn how chronic disease can be kept at bay.”

—Dr. Trevor Holly Cates, ND, founder of The Spa Dr.® and #1 bestselling author, Clear Skin from Within

“This is naturopathic philosophy at its best, a practical guide for both practitioner and patient. I have been in private and public practice for thirty-nine years, and Dr. Reebs has nailed it.”

—Dr. Rick Brinkman, ND, New York Times bestselling author

“Never before have humans had access to such an incredible amount of health information.… Dr. Ben Reebs presents the most essential laws of health in an engaging, clear, and easily understood manner.”

—Dr. Eli Camp, ND, DHANP, VNMI, founder of Medicine Talk®

“Ben brings to readers the timeless understanding of the body’s self-healing nature, which has been forgotten by Western medicine, into a modern context for a world in need of healing.”

—Razi Berry,founder and publisher of Naturopathic Doctor News & Review (NDNR)


Empowering a whole, healthy you.
Healthy, thriving wholeness is within reach for everyone.

Meet Dr. Ben

Naturopathic doctor. Nutrition geek.
Cook. Nature lover.  

Praise for Dr. Ben

  • 5 star review  I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ben shortly after giving birth to my first child. Dr. Ben was incredibly thorough and took the time to establish a great rapport with me. He listened and emphasized in a way that fostered a strong provider-patient relationship. His medical advice was wonderful. Since seeing him, I’ve been able to incorporate some of his recommendations into my life and am beginning to feel and see changes in my health live never before.Thank you Dr. Ben for all your fantastic, dedicated service!

    thumb Ansha Surratt

    5 star review  Dr. Reebs is the most thorough, caring, and inquisitive doctor I've ever been a patient of. Highly recommended.

    thumb Dan Ward

    5 star review  Both Dr. Ben and Megan are wonderful human beings. They are extreamly compassionate and intuitive. I feel very welcome and well cared for at the clinic. For the past 8-10 years I've been searching for answers concerning my health. He got to the root of my imbalance and now I finally have freedom from pain, anxiety, and depression. Eternally grateful and looking forward to my next visit for just a check up!!! Thank you!!!!

    thumb Michelle Johnson
  • 5 star review  Dr. Ben Reebs is very thorough in his examination! He clearly explained things to help me understand "the why" behind his recommendations and approach. He offered some very simple and effective recommendations that other providers hadn't mentioned before. Thanks, Dr. Ben!

    thumb Kelley Lindstrom

    5 star review  Dr. Ben is an absolutely phenomenal doctor and person. He looks at the patient from all the angles and has several different modalities he uses to find the root causes of the health imbalance they may be experiencing. He is extremely thorough in his work and truly goes the extra mile to see that his patients are well cared for. In just a couple weeks after food intolerance testing I was able to go from a 2 to a 10 in energy and my gut health and digestion has vastly improved. He has a very special way of healing that is extremely rare these days in the world of functional medicine and allopathic doctors. He won't try to simply get you back in the clinic, but rather heal you and send you on your way using your own internal vital force. He works with families, teens, and even practices regenerative medicine. You certainly can't go wrong with seeing Dr. Ben if you're looking for those hidden underlying causes about your health!

    thumb Megan Gilmore

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