Your body is unique, powerful, and intelligent.

Your treatment should be, too.

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Modern Vital Program


The MVP90™, or The Modern Vital Program™, is a 90-day health protocol customized to each individual health journey. Elevate your health and well-being today.

What to expect

Your body contains incredible healing power.

Your wellness is as powerful and complex as you are, and Dr. Reebs supports it by considering your entire being: biochemical, physical, mental, emotional, even spiritual.

An opportunity to thrive.

Dr. Reebs looks at every system and realm of the whole patient to re-establish patterns of health that inform your unique care strategy. If you simply turn a symptom off without dealing with the root cause, you risk driving it deeper into the body.

Your treatment is YOUR treatment.

Dr. Reebs provides specific, thoughtful, and relevant naturopathic medicine treatments.

Healthy, thriving wholeness is within reach.

Dr. Reebs helps patients unlock their natural potential to thrive.

The book that will elevate your health and well-being and serve as a starting point for understanding how to prevent as well as reverse chronic disease.

Praise for the book

“This is a must-read for all interested in taking charge of their health and should be required reading for all healthcare professionals.”

—Dr. Samm Pryce, ND, #1 bestselling author

“Dr. Ben Reebs has written a must-read primer for anyone considering integrative medicine….Read this book and learn how chronic disease can be kept at bay.”

—Dr. Trevor Holly Cates, ND, founder of The Spa Dr.® and #1 bestselling author, Clear Skin from Within

“This is naturopathic philosophy at its best, a practical guide for both practitioner and patient. I have been in private and public practice for thirty-nine years, and Dr. Reebs has nailed it.”

—Dr. Rick Brinkman, ND, New York Times bestselling author

“Never before have humans had access to such an incredible amount of health information.… Dr. Ben Reebs presents the most essential laws of health in an engaging, clear, and easily understood manner.”

—Dr. Eli Camp, ND, DHANP, VNMI, founder of Medicine Talk®

“Ben brings to readers the timeless understanding of the body’s self-healing nature, which has been forgotten by Western medicine, into a modern context for a world in need of healing.”

—Razi Berry,founder and publisher of Naturopathic Doctor News & Review (NDNR)


Empowering a whole, healthy you.
Healthy, thriving wholeness is within reach for everyone.

Meet Dr. Ben

Naturopathic doctor. Nutrition geek.
Cook. Nature lover.  

Praise for Dr. Ben

  • This is the best clinic I have encountered in my life & I remain stunned at my quick transformation in a matter of months. I feel like I have my vitality back after struggling with some symptoms for about 15 years that multiple doctors had a difficult time diagnosing & treating, including MD specialists & naturopaths. I recommend both Dr. Amber Walz & Dr. Ben Reebs. Everyone is super professional, nice & do their best to work with you. This is the place you want to go if you want to live your 100% best life, get better from ‘incurable’ conditions, understand unexplainable health conditions with naming conventions describing symptoms or manage complex chronic conditions. They will dig deep, but most importantly provide very clear & actionable solutions that are simple & easy to implement. I spent so much money & wasted my time elsewhere. Don’t waste yours & take my advice 🙂 BEST CLINIC EVER!!! Healing starts with believing you CAN get better & finding the doctors that can help you figure out how.

    Anne Prihoda Avatar Anne Prihoda
    June 18, 2024

    Dr. Reebs is knowledgeable doctor who takes the time to listen and explore all the pieces of the puzzle to get to the root cause of issues. He is collaborative and does not have a drastic mark up on supplements and treatments like many others. The accessibility and affordability are great.

    K.C. Flego Avatar K.C. Flego
    June 3, 2024

    My experience with the Dr. Ben Reebs and the Portland Clinic of Natural Health has been excellent. Dr. Ben is knowledgeable, innovative, and caring. Each time that I have consulted with Dr. Ben I have left the experience more knowledgeable regarding the treatment of my chronic conditions. I appreciate how thorough he has been regarding finding the root causes for my health issues and then determing the actions to take to promote healing. I highly recommend Dr. Ben and the Portland Clinic of Natural Health.

    Dwayne Odoms Avatar Dwayne Odoms
    March 18, 2024
  • I've had a very good experience meeting with Dr. Reebs over the past ~2 years. I was impressed with his method of addressing my immune system strength first, and then going into my very specific issue. We also did bloodwork to get a full picture and chatted frequently to understand how lifestyle changes, vitamins and supplements he suggested were faring. I'm so grateful to him as my energy is way up and as the specific issue I wanted to address has been resolved for months now - never thought I'd see the day! I intend to keep working with Dr. Reebs in the years to come, as needed, and as my insurance will allow!

    Jilly Moss Avatar Jilly Moss
    January 11, 2024

    My health journey has completely transformed thanks to the healers in this clinic and their attention to fine details and root cause. I recommend each of them for various reasons, and as a team they are divine. I'm so grateful for all this clinic has done for me and my health journey, and inspired by the focus on environmental health, lifestyle management, individualized nutrition and supplement guidance, and hydrotherapy. Thank you all! If you're looking to feel more vital and supported in your journey, schedule with all of them.

    Valerie Brown Avatar Valerie Brown
    December 9, 2023

    For years I've had many ongoing medical issues (especially feminine/hormone related) and no matter how many medications I tried it seemed like they never got any better or even got worse. I never felt "whole", until I tried natural health medicine. This place was the first place I went to and I am so happy I gave it a chance. I have had the wonderful opportunity of getting to meet and work with many staff here. Naturopaths, dietitians, doctors, reception etc. They are all wonderful, helpful, and compassionate! This clinic really listens to your concerns and find the best path to health and happiness. I am currently still on this journey, and it was rough a first, but worth it. I will say... the best thing to do in general is listen to what your body needs. No doctor or naturopath can magically fix every single problem of yours. It will take effort, patience and time from you to heal your body. You might not be able to do this alone, but they cant do this without your effort as well. This team understands that the process can be difficult and will offer many options until they find what makes you most comfortable. Don't go all out right away and make an immediate drastic changes (it made me sick). Go slow, listen to your body, and this fantastic team will be there the whole way!

    Kamea Mea Avatar Kamea Mea
    November 30, 2023
  • I see Dr.Ben Reebs here and I can't recommend him enough. He's genuinely one of the kindest people I've met in the medical field and I have met many over the years. I have decently complex disease/illness and he's always honest about what he can help with and guiding me/supporting intuitive thoughts the best he can hes educated and explanatory and promt on appointments.He's never talked down on me or tried to convince me of anything even in states of fear/panic and for that I am truly grateful. Everyone working here that I've met has also been kind and prompt highly recommend.

    Amanda Avatar Amanda
    November 30, 2023

    Dr. Amber Walz is very intelligent, thorough and caring. In a single session, she listened so wonderfully and offered loads of support, swiftly starting creating a plan, and was so thorough and actually explained things so that I could understand better, as owner of my own body & health. Most practitioners don't do this and tend to be very vague, quick, and get you in and out without actually feeling cared for or heard. She has been so supportive and has been the best doctor I have seen in my whole time living in the city. So grateful for her.

    Adrienne Avatar Adrienne
    November 7, 2023

    Amber Walz has been so wonderful to work with! She listens well, and is very knowledgeable. She tailored a plan to specifically address my concerns, and I am feeling a lot better!

    Caitlin Gallagher-Portis Avatar Caitlin Gallagher-Portis
    November 7, 2023

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